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White butterfly

by Kim Murphy
(Winchester, Ca)

I always have lots of butterflies in my backyard. Lately, however, there have been lots of White Butterflies.

Today I was in the backyard working at my bench. I was cutting Cype Myrtle flowers and putting them in a vase with Sunflowers when all of a sudden a small white Butterfly started flying around me.

Then it started flying around the flowers while I was putting them in the vase. I was delight when this same white butterfly landed on my hand.

It was phenomenal. I wish I had a camera at that moment. The fact that it was white was even more amazing.

Note from Sally

Hi Kim;

I love getting butterfly stories like this. I've often felt like kicking myself when I don't have my camera with me.

But who carries a camera when they are picking flowers for a vase?

Thank you for sharing your story. I've added a couple of butterfly pictures that I've taken on my walks.

White Butterflies by Sally

white butterfly on wild thistle

This little guy was having a ball flying from one thistle flower to the next.

white butterfly on leaf

Here is one that seems a little different in markings.

white butterfly on blade of grass

And finally here is one that is the same kind of butterfly as the first. With their wings open you can see more of the detail.

Kim, I have no idea if these are the same types of butterflies as the one that came to play with you in your garden.



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