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I think my favorite meaning for white roses is heavenly.  Because these flowers really are close to heaven.

When I look at  roses I almost feel like I'm looking at clouds. These beautiful flowers have other meanings as well. 

They represent purity, and innocence.  I am guessing this is because of their pureness in color.

Many of the white roses I have seen have spots on them.   These spots are easily removed in photographs.  All it takes is a little cloning with your favorite cloning tool.  Almost every photo editing software has them.

I know my favorite GIMP does.

But seeing so much discoloration in this rose tells me that thes roses are not very easy to cultivate and are easily affected by rust and other blemishes.  I've picked some best of my own crop of pictures just for you today.

Feel free to download your favorite.  Click here if you need further download instructions.

White Roses Photo Gallery Starts Here...

Many of the pictures in the gallery had to be doctored up to make them look pretty for you.  But sometimes even tiny blemishes cannot be photo manipulated out.  That is the case with the very first rose picture here.  

Sometimes colors and cloning just won't match up.  And even the healing tool won't do the trick.

Other times both of these tools are required.  The best images happen when all of the pieces are perfect, but you and I both know that takes planning and sometimes a little controlling of the elements as well.

And white is one of those elements that can be trickier than others.

As you can see in the pictures of the gallery are a mix ofcolors add quality to the arrangements.  For example the last picture in this set is one of a silk flower arrangement I have.  The white makes the red roses look that much richer.

One thing is for certain, you can never go wrong adding a little white to any arrangement.  Enjoy these beautiful roses.  When you double click on the larger image you can easily save them to your computer.  Some will even make beautiful desktop backgrounds where you can enjoy them all day long.

Tiny roses fill this bush.  There are lots of dancing flowers going on here.

And the last two pictures are wild roses growing on the trail.  They are single roses but beautiful just the same.

Every walk reveals something new to capture with your camera.  I love being surprised by mother nature.

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