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Free Wild Flower Wallpaper For Your Computer Desktop

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How are you going to use your wild flower wallpaper?  I can think of a couple of ways right off the top of my head.  One good use for them is to pick your favorite and place it on your desktop as a screen saver.

Each picture on this page is ready for instant download. The best way to download your favorite is to simply right click with your mouse.

When you do this, a menu will pop up and you choose the best option for you.  Feel free to download one or all images on this page.

You can also choose to open the image in a new tab or window.

If you are an old hand at downloading pictures, feel free to pick and choose your favorites.

If you don't have a clue where to start, look for full instructions at the bottom.

Let's Begin With A Daisy Wild Flower Wallpaper

White daisy wild flower wallpaper with lightning bug on topDownload Free Daisy 1028x768 Wild Flower Wallpaper

This row of white daisy wildflowers caught my eye as we were walking along a summer park path.  I did not realize how plentiful wildflowers grow in Illinois till I moved away.

They must like the dryer air up north. 

This cool row of daisies with the lightning bug on that middle flower, looks like it's own little natural path for walking.  Kinda makes you want to be a bug.

Deadly Night Shade Wild Flowers

Deadly Nightshade Wild Flower WallpaperDeadly Nightshade 1028x768 Wild Flower Wallpaper

These wild flowers are also known as Belladonna and the entire plant is poison.  But those berries look enticing and can be the most dangerous temptation for children.

They look harmless enough but they can deadly.

They can be planted in your garden if you want to enjoy their beauty.  But you will want to educate others of their potential harmfulness.  Here is a site that shares useful information on poisonous flowers in the western hemisphere... Knowledge is power.

I promise, these pictures will cause you no harm.

Chicory Wild Flowers Are Kinder 

Chicory Wild Flower is kinder and more usefulChicory Wild Flowers Can Flavor Your Coffee

It is actually the chicory root that does the work in these plants.  But just the same these lovely blue flowers are pleasing to the eye.

They like growing in fields, forests and just about everywhere it seems.  At least that was the case in Illinois.  

I don't believe I've seen one here in North Carolina.  That doesn't mean they don't grow here.  It just means I have yet to find them.

So I'll be like you and enjoy the pictures I've taken over the years.

How To Use Pictures From Creations By Sally

Benefits Include:

  • Download - Quickly and easily download each image to your computer hard drive.
  • Wallpaper - Create instant desktop wallpaper with the click of your mouse.
  • Share - Share your favorite images with friends and family. Even share them on your favorite social media network.
  • Websites - Place the images on your own personal website. All I ask is that you give Creations by Sally, credit for the source.
  • Slideshow - Each album gives you the option to "View Slideshow". Simply open an album and choose the slideshow option and site back to enjoy each image in that album.

Creations By Sally; is a growing community. While most pictures you find throughout the site are free to download; (click for step by step instructions). You can copy the code below and paste it into your website below the pictures you use.

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