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Walk through a sea of wildlife wallpaper where you will find a snake feeder in tall grasses, a hawk scoping the lay of the land, a praying mantis stopping by just to say hi - and more.

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The first time I saw this mysterious insect I was a child. It looked like a magical creature to me and I asked Grandma what could it be? Grandma always liked feeding my imagination so she smiled and said, "Some call them snake doctors or snake feeders."

And the visions in my head really took off. I wasn't sure if I liked them any more. One thing I knew for sure was I didn't like snakes.

It wasn't until I was much older that I learned the term dragonfly. I liked that reference much better but every time I see them I remember Grandma's term for them as snake feeder.

What do you call these mosquito eating critters? Some other terms I've read are devil's darning needle, or just darning needle and one I thought really strange is ear sewer because they sew up your ears.

More Flying Critters Join the Wildlife Wallpaper Scene

And that is just the beginning of the wildlife wallpaper images you'll find here. Some I have added a little artistic effect. Like the ducks that I captured in California while walking in the park with my own grandchildren.

It is rare that you capture birds sitting still in a tree. They usually fly from branch to branch at high speed. This Cardinal adds a splash of red to the summer leaves.

And finally the hawk peering into the banks of the river at the Naperville Riverwalk. He is intent on finding one of those little furry creatures to swoop down and pick up. I've added a cartoon effect to brighten up the scene.

Springtime is always sure to bring along the next generation. These baby geese are more like teenagers. And they will be as big as mom and dad by the end of summer.

Did you know that Canadian Geese stay with the same mate for as long as twenty years? You can read more about the Canadian Goose and see more pictures here...

This crane stands in the river watching for fish to happen by. His reflection is almost as clear as he is. Every year I love watching for the return of these beautiful great blue heron.

Last in the row is an adventuresome, flying insect.  This praying mantis looks like he is standing next to a mountain scene, doesn't he? But he is really on the hood of my rental car. They are a very fascinating insect for sure.

Wildlife Comes in All Shapes And Sizes

Sea Lions stop for an afternoon sunbathDuring the summer this beach along Highway 1 on CA coast is visited by Sea Lions.

While traveling along Interstate 101 in California you may just see a family or two of sea lions sunning on the beach. That is what my brother and I saw one summer on our way back from a seminar.

It was fun walking out to get a few good shots. They were almost close enough to touch. But signs warned us not to get too close. They are wild. They travel miles in the ocean to find beaches in the area. This is one of their favorite beaches to return to year after year.

Snake watches fisherman at riverwalkImagine my delight when I noticed this snake fishing for food in the river.

Finally we end this fun with wildlife wallpaper with a snake. This fellow appears to be watching the fiserman up ahead. I wondered if he was maybe looking for a free meal.

On a sunny stroll in downtown Naperville I noticed something in the corner of my eye.  I turned and there enjoying the sun and perhaps an occasional fish, was this awesome looking snake.

His head protrudes out of the water but the rest of his body is lying along the shallow river bottom.

I hope you have enjoyed these images and the tales I've spun about them. 

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