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Winter Photography
From Illinois And West Virginia

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Every once in a while winter photography opportunities pop up everywhere.  This year, 2010, proved to be one of those years.

I was in Illinois the first two weeks of January.  During the second half of January a trip to West Virginia turned into an adventure to remember.    

How was I to know we were in for a real winter blast!.

It seems the nation was about to meet up with nature at her very best, or worst presentation of winter ever.  If you like snow, this year will remain in your memory as the perfect time for winter photography opportunities!

I remember the winter of 2009 when Northern Chicago was pelted with snow so thick and heavy you could barely see your hand in front of your face.  It was the perfect snow that lay on trees and branches everywhere.  But the best shots came while it was snowing.  

Winter Photography Opportunities in Illinois

Take a look at these winter scenes captured in Illinois on January 13, 2010...

Natures Own Winter ArtSunny winter Scene of windmill in the park

Snow in January in Northern Illinois is a given most years.  But there are times when the sun is shining and snow has stopped falling that the local or even not so local parks call you.

This was one of those day.  In this first picture you can see there are not many piles of snow because the location is Lisle Forest Preserve walking path.

Snow capped oriental open stageSnow capped Oriental building in the park

You may have seen this building in other pages of my site when it wasn't snow covered.  The house is empty inside and I believe was used as a stage for shows in the park.

I do know the snow topped roof makes an excellent winter picture to enjoy.  

Winter Scene Snow Covered BridgeSnow covered garden bridge

No Japanese garden would be complete without a bridge over a beautiful lily pond.

The lilies are dormant and this blanket of snow would prevent passage even by a squirrel.  The bridge itself is really part of this beautiful garden display.

The clean white snow blankets it's surface on this brilliantly sunny day in January.  Crisp air and frosty noses could never keep me away.

Winter Photography Opportunities in West Virginia

The winter of 2010 was the year I decided to move closer to family in West Virginia.  I guess mother nature wanted to send me off with a blast!

A winter wonderland blast, that is.  The good news is I had some awesome winter photography pictures in 2010.  Little did I know they may well be my last winter pictures.  Well maybe...

A true winter wonderland in West VirginiaA true winter wonderland in West Virginia

WV has quite a few beautiful areas to photograph.  But there is nothing like capturing those country places while the snow is falling.  As you can see we had a day or two when that snow was coming down pretty thick.

The snow had actually stopped by the time I left Illinois in late January.  So they were enjoying cold but snow free weather, while my family and I were stuck inside my daughter's home for a few days.

These pictures were taken from my daughter's back porch.  How lucky can you get?  This was the second round of winter storms to come round this month.  And February was still ahead of us!

Snowy Winter Welcome HomeSnowy Winter Wonderland Spreads Before My Eyes

As I span the surrounding area with my camera I see a glorious winter wonderland with huge snow flakes everywhere I point.  I love snow that falls in big flakes.  They lay on the trees and ground so beautiful and fluffy.

And the temperature seems to be a lot warmer than when the flakes are tiny.  Those tiny flakes almost feel like ice as they fall to the ground, don't they?

Winter Photography Opportunities
On The Road West Virginia

Driving through a canopy of snow covered branches in WVLet's go to town, traveling through snow covered branches

I'm sure you have heard the term "Cabin Fever."  Winter has a tendency to create that sensation, doesn't it?  Well after we got word that roads were somewhat clear, we decided to venture into town.

One look at these three winter scenes taken from inside the car and you can see why I call it an adventure.  

 West Virginia is known for its beautiful hills.  But often people don't realize that windy roads and steep embankments are also a part of those hills.

If you are familiar with the art of photography, you know that taking pictures through glass of any kind is not recommended.  Have you ever taken pictures while riding in a moving car?  You probably have.  Some of those scenes are just too good to pass up, aren't they?

This ride through town so soon after a round of winter snow fall at times felt eerie.  It was like driving through white tunnels.  The snow covered branches seemed to support each other from both sides of the road as they hung over our heads.

You can still download these images if you like.  They will be larger at that point.  If you would just like to view them larger and decide later, choose the option of "open in new tab or window".  At that point you can save the image to your computer.

It Wouldn't be Winter  Without a Snow Bear

Just one look at this picture makes it all the more fun.  This is Savannah's first winter snow, and she doesn't quite know what to make of it.  Mamma set her in the yard to see what she would do.

And what you see here is just about it.  At the age of two, she hasn't yet had the chance to play with other kids in this magical white stuff.

Being able to watch your children and grandchildren learn new experiences is a great perk for working from home, isn't it.

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